UIZE JavaScript Framework


In this example, three instances of Uize.Widgets.RgbSliders.Widget are created, to control the text color, background color, and border color of the sample text to the left. Each color picker has a color swatch above the sliders, representing the current color selected by it.

Sample Area Text Background Border
I'd like to see the companies that make up the new energy economy gang up on the bloated fossil fuel giants like a bunch of vicious attack dogs and rip their corporate throats out.

Then, once the kill is complete, may they rip through the bloated bellies of the fallen giants, to feast upon their oily entrails.

And from feeding upon these fattened pigs, let the age of renewable energy truly dawn.

We have seen a Silicon Valley giant born in this way, and advertising will never be the same again.

May the same fate befall the entrenched and recalcitrant fossil energy giants.