UIZE JavaScript Framework

JAVASCRIPT EXAMPLES Image Port Inside a Marquee

In this example, an instance of the Uize.Widget.ImagePort class is being used in conjunction with an instance of the Uize.Widget.Resizer.Marquee class to show how values for the image port widget's state properties affect its image sizing and positioning as the port size changes. Event handlers are wired up for the marquee, so that moving and resizing it causes the image port to be moved and resized to the marquee's position, after which the image port updates its image sizing and positioning. Sliders and select boxes are wired up to let you control the values of the alignX, alignY, sizingValue, sizingUpperBound, and sizingLowerBound state properties of the image port.

alignY sizingUpperBound
sizingValue (0 to 3)
alignX sizingLowerBound