SOURCE CODE: Dynamic Collection

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    Dynamic Collection
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  <!-- explanation copy -->

  <div class="explanation">
    <p>In this example, an instance of the <a href="../reference/Uize.Widget.Collection.Dynamic.html"><code>Uize.Widget.Collection.Dynamic</code></a> widget class is being used to wire up an editable grid of photos. You can select items in the grid by clicking on them. You can make a non-contiguous selection by ctrl-clicking on items. You can make a range selection by clicking on one item and then shift-clicking on another. Use the "<b>SELECT NONE</b>" button above the grid to clear a selection, or use the "<b>SELECT ALL</b>" button to select all the items. With some items selected, click the "<b>REMOVE</b>" button to remove the selected items. Also with a selection, click-and-drag to reposition the selected items within the collection.</p>

    <p>Each item in the grid utilizes the <a href="../reference/Uize.Widget.CollectionItem.html"><code>Uize.Widget.CollectionItem</code></a> widget class. This limited utilization of the <code>Uize.Widget.Collection.Dynamic</code> class is not connected up to an application, so there are no consequences to reordering or removing items. To restore the grid contents, just <a href="collection-dynamic.html">reload the page</a>.</p>

  <!-- slot for dynamically generated photo grid -->

  <div id="page-collection"></div>
  <div style="clear:left;"></div>

<!-- JavaScript code to make the dynamic collection "come alive" -->

<script type="text/javascript">

Uize.require (
  function () {
    'use strict';

    /*** create the example page widget ***/
      var page = = UizeSite.Page.Example ();

    /*** add the Uize.Widget.Bar.Slider child widget ***/
      var collection = page.addChild (
            draggingToReorderSingular:'Moving one item.',
            draggingToReorderPlural:'Moving {totalItems} items.',
            removeItemConfirmation:'Are you sure you would like to remove this image?',
            removeItemsConfirmation:'Are you sure you would like to remove the {0} selected images?',
            removeItemConfirmationTitle:'Remove Image?',
            removeItemsConfirmationTitle:'Remove Images?'

    /*** wire up the page widget ***/
      page.wireUi ();

    /*** add initial items ***/
        items = [],
        photos = UizeSite.TestData.Photos ()
      for (var photoNo = -1, photosLength = photos.length; ++photoNo < photosLength;) {
        var photo = photos [photoNo];
        items.push ({
          previewUrl:photo.image.replace ('max_dim=500','max_dim=105')
      collection.add (items);