SOURCE CODE: Multi-line String Serializer

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  <meta name="description" content="Take multi-line strings and serialize them to multi-line JavaScript string literal expressions using string concatenation."/>
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    Multi-line String Serializer
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    <p>The <b>Multi-line String Serializer</b> tool (which makes use of the <a href="../reference/Uize.Json.MultiLineStringLiteral.html"><code>Uize.Json.MultiLineStringLiteral</code></a> and <a href="../reference/Uize.Widgets.Tools.MultiLineStringSerializer.Widget.html"><code>Uize.Widgets.Tools.MultiLineStringSerializer.Widget</code></a> modules) lets you serialize multi-line text strings to multi-line JavaScript string literal expressions that use string concatenation.</p>

    <p>Paste some multi-line text into the <b>"Multi-line Text"</b> pane to see the text serialized to a multi-line JavaScript string literal expression in the <b>"Multi-line JavaScript Expression"</b> pane.</p>

    <p>You can also enter a multi-line JavaScript string literal expression in the <b>"Multi-line JavaScript Expression"</b> pane to see the plain text version of that expression in the <b>"Multi-line Text"</b> pane.</p>

  <div id="page-multiLineStringSerializer"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">

Uize.require (
  function () {
    'use strict';

    /*** create the example page widget ***/
      var page = = UizeSite.Page.Example ();

    /*** add the pseudo-localizer widget ***/
      page.addChild (
            'This is some multi-line text',
            'that should be turned into a',
            'multi-line JavaScript string literal',
            'expression that allows text blocks',
            'to be conveniently processed for',
            'inclusion into JavaScript source code.',
            'You can also convert in the other',
            'direction by first entering a multi-line',
            'JavaScript string literal expression',
            'in the other pane.'
          ].join ('\n')

    /*** wire up the page widget ***/
      page.wireUi ();