UIZE JavaScript Framework

JavaScript Menu Examples

The UIZE JavaScript Framework includes scores of excellent examples to get you started. This index lists 7 JavaScript menu examples.
You can take a step-by-step tour through the examples listed on this page. When you get into the tour, you can use the tour navigation bar that will appear just under the title bar to navigate through the examples. Use the arrows to go forward or back, or click on a "notch" on the progress bar to jump straight to an example.
Animated Buttons with Box Shadow  See how to animate CSS3 box-shadow in order to make buttons leap out of the page when you mouse over them and bounce back when you mouse out of them. Fade CSS Style Across Nodes  See how CSS style properties can be faded across a series of nodes to create color gradient effects you wouldn't think possible without using images. Hover Fader Color Effects  Who needs boring menus when you can have stunning menu animations that will have your users mesmerized! You have to see these effects to believe them. Hover Fader Stretching Menu  Stretch the limits of what can be done with animated menus. Using JavaScript to animate CSS style properties can produce amazingly slick effects! Hover Fader Text Shadow Animation  Animate the color, horizontal offset, vertical offset, and blur radius properties for any number of CSS3 text shadows to produce amazing menu effects. Tree List From JSON  See a demo of a JavaScript expandable / collapsible tree list widget, that can be easily built from a JSON object and can even be dynamically updated. Tree Menu From JSON  See a demo of JavaScript menus, that can be easily built from a JSON object and can even be dynamically updated. These menus also support separators.