UIZE JavaScript Framework

2008 NEWS 2008-06-17 - New Features & Changes

1. Uize.Template

The UIZE JavaScript Framework now has support for JavaScript templates.

Support is provided in the form of the Uize.Template package. This package provides a way to "compile" JavaScript templates to output generator functions, so that the template string only needs to be parsed once and so that the functions generated in this way are efficient when called repeatedly to generate output with different input values. Look for an explanation of this new feature under the guide "JavaScript Templates".

2. Uize.Url (and Uize.Comm deprecations)

The new Uize.Url package provides convenient methods for encoding and decoding URLs and URL query params.

Certain methods of the Uize.Comm base class have been deprecated in favor of static methods of the new Uize.Url package.


myCommObject.serializeParams (...) >> BECOMES >>  Uize.Url.toParams (...)
Uize.Comm.serializeParams (...)    >> BECOMES >>  Uize.Url.toParams (...)
Uize.Comm.parseQuery (...)         >> BECOMES >>  Uize.Url.fromParams (...)
Uize.Comm.getCacheDefeatStr (...)  >> BECOMES >>  Uize.Url.getCacheDefeatStr (...)

The new Uize.Url.resolve static method provides a powerful and versatile way to resolve a URL path and optional query params objects to URL strings.

3. Uize.String

The Uize.String package gets the new Uize.String.splitInTwo and Uize.String.stripPadding static methods.

4. Uize.evalGlobal

The new Uize.evalGlobal static method allows one to eval a code string in the global context.