UIZE JavaScript Framework

2008 NEWS 2008-06-19 - New Documentation

1. Uize.Json

The recently added Uize.Json package, with features that were migrated from the now defunct Uize.serialize extension, has been fully documented.

2. Uize.Node.setValue and PRE Tags

An issue was discovered with the way that Internet Explorer handles setting of the innerHTML property for pre tags.

Consequently, provisions were added to the Uize.Node.setValue and Uize.Node.getValue static methods of the Uize.Node package to ensure that one can display text as expected with pre tags. The changes also apply to the setNodeValue and getNodeValue instance methods of the Uize.Widget class.

3. Uize.Widget.Tree.Menu - IE Flicker Issue Fixed

An issue was discovered with the tree menu widget, where scrollbars would sometimes flicker momentarily on displaying submenus for the first time. The issue has been resolved in the latest version.