UIZE JavaScript Framework

2008 NEWS 2008-07-19 - IMPROVED MODULE: Uize.Node

1. Uize.Node.find

The functionality of the Uize.Node.getByMatch static method has been enhanced to support regular expression and function type node property tests, and it has been given the new name Uize.Node.find - short and sweet (and clear).

Being deprecated, the old name will still work for some time before it is given a proper burial. The enhanced method provides a lot more power in finding nodes in a document. The new capabilities have been comprehensively documented.

2. Uize.Node.addEventHandler and Uize.Node.addEventHandlers Killed

The Uize.Node.addEventHandler and Uize.Node.addEventHandlers static methods, that were deprecated a very long time ago, have finally been given a proper burial in the dusty annals of source control.

If your code was still using these methods, you should be ashamed (chances are you weren't using them).

3. Summary of Changes

Uize.Node.getByMatch        >> BECOMES >>  Uize.Node.find
Uize.Node.addEventHandler   >> BECOMES >>  !!! DEAD !!!
Uize.Node.addEventHandlers  >> BECOMES >>  !!! DEAD !!!