UIZE JavaScript Framework

2008 NEWS 2008-07-28 - Lots of Improvements


The new Uize.String.indent static method lets you easily indent or unindent multi-line strings. The new Uize.String.repeat static method lets you easily repeat a specified string a specified number of times. The Uize.String.stripPadding static method has been renamed to simply Uize.String.trim (the old method name is deprecated and will still be supported for some time).

2. NEW MODULE: Uize.Node.Form

The new Uize.Node.Form package module has been added, providing functionality to facilitate working with forms.

The first Uize.Node.Form.getValues static method provides a convenient way to serialize the values of fields in a form (or form fields within any root node) to a JavaScript object hash.

3. New Performance Tests

A new performance test shows how the Uize.String.repeat method outperforms the typical implementation approach to repeating strings.

4. JavaScript Template Compiler Build Script

A new build script demonstrates how .js.jst JavaScript template files in a site project can be compiled into corresponding .js UIZE modules that can be used for generating markup for widgets and for other purposes.

5. Small Optimizations

A number of modules have been updated to use the myRegExp.test method in place of the myString.search method, for a small file size and performance win.