UIZE JavaScript Framework

2008 NEWS 2008-10-03 - Framework Changes, Build Script Tweaks

1. UPDATED MODULE: Uize.Comm - Deprecated Methods Killed

The serializeParams instance method and the Uize.Comm.serializeParams, Uize.Comm.parseQuery, and Uize.Comm.getCacheDefeatStr static methods of the Uize.Comm module - that were deprecated back in June of 2008 - have finally been killed.

For a time, they were left for backwards compatibility in order to ease transition. Now those backwards compatibility references have been removed in order to keep the codebase from bloating up. New equivalents for those methods can be found in the Uize.Url module.

If you need to refresh your memory, refer back to 2008-06-17 - New Features & Changes.


For the Uize.Wsh.buildFiles static method, the logFilename property of the paramsOBJ parameter is now optional.

When not specified, the filename for the log file is determined from the value of the buildScriptName property by replacing the ".js" file extension with the extension ".log".

3. NEW MODULE: Uize.Templates.List

The new Uize.Templates.List module implements a template for generating the HTML markup for a nested, unordered list from a JSON data tree.

This module is used by the Uize.SimpleDoc module for generating the contents tree HTML for HTML documents generated from SimpleDoc files, but it may be useful in other applications as well.