UIZE JavaScript Framework

2008 NEWS 2008-10-27 - Bug Fixes

A number of issues have been addressed...

A workaround was implemented for an obscure issue with Firefox 2 where it would not always repaint an IFRAME-based modal dialog correctly when redisplaying the dialog, if the document had other elements beneath the dialog that used fixed positioning.
A bug in the Uize.Scruncher module, affecting regular expressions preceded by operators (e.g. if (!/^\d$/.test (sourceStr)) {...}), has been fixed.
A strange bug in the Uize.Color.hexStr static method, that was causing erratic behaviors in the Uize.Color module in IE6, has been fixed.
A number of modules have been updated to deal with an obscure JavaScript parsing bug in Safari.
A bug in the Uize.SimpleDoc module, that was causing the inline linked text syntax to fail for paragraphs containing more than one link, has been fixed.