UIZE JavaScript Framework

2008 NEWS 2008-11-20 - IMPROVED MODULE: Uize.Fade

The Uize.Fade module now supports non-time based fades.

Essentially, this works the same as when you are doing time-based fades - except that one does not use the start and stop instance methods. Instead, after creating a fade instance, one can then set the value of the progress state property to a floating point number in the range of 0 to 1, where 0 represents the start point of the fade, and 1 represents the end point of the fade. Upon setting the progress value, the value state property will automatically be updated to the correct interpolated value for that point in the fade's progress. This allows one to harness the Uize.Fade class' interpolation of compound values, as well as its support for acceleration and deceleration, for such varied uses as fading colors over a series of elements, plotting positions for a series of elements, etc.