UIZE JavaScript Framework

2008 NEWS 2008-12-12 - New Features and Framework Changes

1. Deprecated Methods in Uize.Data

The Uize.Data.indexIn and Uize.Data.isIn static methods have been deprecated in the Uize.Data module and migrated into the Uize base class.


Uize.Data.indexIn (...)  >> BECOMES >>  Uize.indexIn (...)
Uize.Data.isIn (...)     >> BECOMES >>  Uize.isIn (...)

These methods have proven useful enough to various Uize subclasses and other modules that it was time to promote them to first class citizens in the framework. The benefit of this change is that modules that have been requiring the Uize.Data module only to access these methods will no longer need to. The new Uize.indexIn method now also supports searching backwards from the end of the array.

Because these methods have been deprecated, they are still accessible from the Uize.Data module for backwards compatibility reasons. At some point in the future, however, they will be cleared out. If you have modules that are using these static methods, you will want to at some point update the code to call the methods on the Uize module (or _class, if a call is within a subclass of Uize).

2. SimpleDoc Improvements

Some improvements have been made to the modules that support the SimpleDoc documentation build scripts.

The Uize.Simple module has been refactored and optimized for code size and performance. Additionally, a bug was fixed with the Uize.Simple.collapseChildren static method that was causing failures in cases where the name of a child node was name, value, or children. Also, a bug was fixed in the Uize.SimpleDoc module that was causing certain bullet lists to not be recognized correctly (e.g. - =title= description), and documents now only get a contents list if there are some sections in the document (yes, you can occasionally have a document that has no nested structure).

3. Miscellaneous Improvements

Various miscellaneous small improvements have been made.

Several modules have been updated to take advantage of the migration of the Uize.Data.indexIn and Uize.Data.isIn static methods into the Uize base class. Some performance and code size optimizations have been made to the Uize.Fade class. A new Uize.Node.centerInWindow static method has been added to the Uize.Node module that positions the specified node so that it is centered within the window.