UIZE JavaScript Framework

2008 NEWS 2008-12-28 - Optimization and Fixes

1. Performance Optimization

A number of methods in the Uize base class have been optimized for performance.

Because this optimization has occurred in the base class, performance for all applications built on the UIZE JavaScript Framework should be improved. Methods benefiting from this optimization include the Uize.clone and Uize.fireEvent static methods, and the fireEvent instance method. Many other small optimizations have been made to methods that are called most frequently.

2. Bug Fix: Uize.Node.Form.getValues

A bug in the Uize.Node.Form.getValues static method of the Uize.Node.Form module has been fixed.

This bug was causing the values for radio button sets to be incorrectly reported and had broken some serialization options functionality in the JSON Prettifier tool.