UIZE JavaScript Framework

TO DO - Uize.Color.Util

This is a TO DO document for the Uize.Color.Util module.

1. - proximity sort

ability to use average of colors as starting point for proximity (i.e. center of clump) -- just add as note in example for sort method

2. Uize.Color.Util.sort

support 4-tuple color spaces

2.1. - should it be possible to do a primary,secondary,tertiary component-based subsort after a proximity sort?

ability to specify component order (or can some weighting scheme apply here as well?)

3. Uize.Color.Util.closest

3.1. - returns the closest match to a reference color, out of a specified array of colors

eg. closestColorANYTYPE = Uize.Color.closest (referenceColorANYTYPE,colorsARRAY);

how does this relate to proximity sort? Can it share code with sort?

4. Uize.Color.Util.makeCombinations

support 4-tuple color spaces

5. Uize.Color.Util.makeSeries

colorsARRAY = Uize.Color.Util.makeSeries (

eg. Uize.Color.Util.makeSeries ('0','f',100)

eg. Uize.Color.Util.makeSeries ('0','f',100,0,'#hex')

component chaos of 1 lets you create any number of random colors within a range