UIZE JavaScript Framework

TO DO - Uize.Doc.Simple

This is a TO DO document for the Uize.Doc.Simple module.

1. Fix issue with section title aliases and canonicalization

An issue right now with the section title aliases feature is that multiple sections with the same display title but different aliases are not canonicalized into the same section.

This is because the canonicalization is done using the unaltered section title - complete with its section aliases. So, two sections that are ostensibly the same but that have different aliases are not viewed as the same because their titles including aliases are not identical. The solution would be to detect aliases in the title and canonicalize using just the displayed portion of the title.

2. Improve Table Support

2.1. Formalized Column Definition

Provide a way for columns to be formally described, with support for the following qualities...

horizontal alignment for columns (left, center, right)
logical (and limited) styling options for columns (that key into specific CSS classes)
columns whose data is expected to be SimpleDoc formatted text (formatting, linking, etc.)
ability to specify type for a column's data (e.g. completion level, rating, time, etc.)

2.2. Sorting

Allow tables to be sortable.

The proposed formalized column definition feature can be leveraged for supporting this. In the formal definition for a column, whether or not a column is sortable and how it is to be sorted can be defined.

2.3. Rows as Objects

Add the ability to specify row data as objects, rather than an array, with named keys identifying columns.

3. Improve Automatic Linking Behavior

multiple branch disambiguation syntax (e.g. Section : Section : Section)

3.1. - warnings

3.1.1. - for any ambiguity in links to sections of same name - could be a log of how such ambiguities were resolved

link text
link context (section identifier)
resolved link (section identifier)
for links to non-existent sections (i.e. dead links)
invalid / unrecognized types of object blocks
should never link the same item more than once in the same paragraph
should ideally never link to the same URL / anchor more than once in the same section (unless, perhaps there was at least one deeper section between the new occurrence and the last occurrence)

3.2. - should never link to the section within that same section, unless...

the link is in a much later paragraph in that section
the link is in a subsection of that section
no way to disambiguate for intra-document linking purposes when an instance method and a state property have the same name (happens with wired in doc for Uize.Widget, for example)

4. Improve Bullet List Support

Need a more robust solution for defining bullet lists, particularly to allow nested lists, and nested contents within lists.

5. HTML Encoding

Need to implement conversion of special characters to HTML entities.

6. Fix Formatting Issues

nested inline formatting
some formatting is currently supported in inline code segments, which is a problem for use of "*", "+", "_", and other formatting characters in inline code.
there is no formal way to escape the "=" character inside inline code segments
there should be a way to escape all formatting characters
a way to have bolded text that is not auto-linked