UIZE JavaScript Framework

TO DO - Uize.Doc.Sucker

This is a TO DO document for the Uize.Doc.Sucker module.

1. Module Metrics

Automatically stitched in, derived module metrics data.

a way to see a table (or other representation) of the module meta data, as well as other information like file size, scrunched file size, etc.

2. Feature Level info

Add more automatically determined feature level info.

for static features, a note regarding whether or not the static feature is inheritable
for properties (instance properties, static properties, state properties), note the initial value
for method features, the ability to see the implementation (not the scrunched, of course, so how???)

3. More Module Utilities

Add more module utilities that can be launched from the reference docs.

a way to launch a table to view all the features detected for the class
a way to see the full list of dependencies
a way to see the total scrunched file size of the module and all its dependencies

3.1. - a list of all the other modules that depend on this module

a way to load and play with the module


create a test page/utility for displaying doc, given any JS file's contents as input