UIZE JavaScript Framework

TO DO - Uize.Str.Delimited

This is a proposal document for a Uize.Str.Delimited module.

It is anticipated that this method could be used as the basic for methods like urlize, to take a source string that is delimited according to one set of rules and convert it to a target string that is delimited according to a different set of rules. This process involves creating a canonical words array form from the source and then creating a delimited string from that words array.

1. Uize.Str.Delimited.to & Uize.Str.Delimited.from

1.1. Uize.Str.Delimited.to

1.1.1. - how are word starts denoted

delimiter character eg. '_', '-', ':' - first char of each word capped

first char of first word capped
char validator
invalid char replacement char - invalid char replacement mode

one replacement char per invalid char
one replacement char per one or more invalid chars