UIZE JavaScript Framework

TO DO - Uize.Widget.Collection.Dynamic

This is a TO DO document for the Uize.Widget.Collection.Dynamic module.

1. Drag-to-reorder

1.1. - NEXT

should not permit drag-and-drop when all items would be dragged (either all are selected, or there is only one item)
escape key should cancel drag (right now it just forces drop)

1.2. - cleanup

share CSS for insertion marker, so it's not in inline style attributes

1.3. - low priority

hover cursor should be move cursor?
come up with better tooltip / proxy for items being moved
come up with better insertion marker
optimize reordering of itemWidgets array

1.4. - hooks

drag start: should provide hook for validation logic before drag, so that code can evaluate if drag should be allowed, based upon contents
drag done: should provide hook to validate drop

1.5. - dragging

should be able to autoscroll when detecting mouse at boundaries of scrollable view port
facility for duplicating an item (something like this was wanted at one point for an add-another-one-of-these feature in the photoprints page, and we were discussing making that page use Uize.Widget.Collection.Dynamic)