UIZE JavaScript Framework

TO DO - Uize.Widget.Collection.mDynamic

This is a TO DO document for the proposed Uize.Widget.Collection.mDynamic mixin module.

1. Factored Functionality

Factor out all of the functionality that currently resides in Uize.Widget.Collection.Dynamic into Uize.Widget.Collection.myDynamic mix-in module and then have Uize.Widget.Collection.Dynamic just mix in the functionality. This would allow for a widget to subclass Uize.Widget.Collection but also mix in the "dynamic" functionality further down in its inheritance tree.


Any private instance variables or methods will need to become public namespaced variables or methods since we cannot guarantee that when the module is mixed in that the scrunched token names will not collide
Some of this "dynamic" functionality may move into a Uize.Widget.Repeater.mDynamic mixin module once Uize.Widget.Repeater (a potential superclass of Uize.Widget.Collection) is created