UIZE JavaScript Framework

TO DO - Uize.Widget.CollectionItem.Zooming

This is a TO DO document for the Uize.Widget.CollectionItem.Zooming module.

1. Design Choices

in order to achieve zooming as soon as possible, low res image is used
in order to achieve a smooth crossover from zooming low res to zooming high res, two different image nodes are needed, since switching src can have flickery artifacts in some browsers

1.1. - one low res image node

low res image node is inserted as needed, either on over becoming true, or inUse becoming true

1.2. - one high res image node

high res image node is inserted as needed, on inUse becoming true
when user mouses over, src for low src image node is set to current preview src

1.3. - when user rests mouse, animation begins, and src for high res image node is set

once high res image node has loaded image, it is revealed and low res image node is hidden
zooming applies to either low res image node or high res image node, depending on loaded state of high res image
previewZoomUrl state property should have onChange handler to handle change in URL possibly during use