UIZE JavaScript Framework

TO DO - Uize.Widget.LinkToThis

This is a proposal document for a Uize.Widget.LinkToThis module.

A widget that wires up anchored section headings in a document, so that...

mousing over the heading displays a tooltip that invites the user to click to get a URL/link for that section of the document
clicking on the section heading opens up a dialog that contains a URL for that section that can be copied-and-pasted

1. - dialog would contain

document | section of document

  Link to This

  Document Title: [documentTitle]
  Document URL: [documentUrl] -- in auto-selecting input field

  Section Title: [sectionTitle]
  Section URL: [sectionUrl] -- in auto-selecting input field


  Link to: document | section

  Copy-and-paste HTML: <a href="[documentUrl | sectionUrl]" title="[documentTitle]" target="_blank">[documentTitle | sectionTitle]</a>
or, clicking on the section heading could initiate a third party service, like "Add this"

2. Uize.Widget.DialogLinkToThis