UIZE JavaScript Framework

TO DO - Uize.Widget.TableSort

This is a TO DO document for the Uize.Widget.TableSort module.

should support headings with linebreaks (when headings have linebreaks, the tooltips for column values don't display well)
update data sorting algorithm to be efficient (not bubble sort). Perhaps there's a way to use the built in sort, if the array being sorted is an array of objects combining the value and original column index, with a custom sort function that performs the comparison on the value. This could avoid using the current sortMap approach, which involves more swapping.


CSS styles that can be specified for the sort order (rather than simply the headingLitClass property)
support different combinations of over/lit classes


a way to implement highlight states without the user having to specify classes
for numbers with units suffixes, support metric unit canonicalization (so, one could have "2cm" and "1m" in a column, and sorting would do the right thing)
extensible system for registering sort handlers for different types of column data
support multiple table sections, with sorting discrete to each group
support for mixed data types in columns
support for form fields (sorting, and retaining values to deal with stupid IE bug)


ability to have class values for rows persist regardless of changed row order (useful for tables that alternate classes for readability)
support for non-sortable columns (e.g. a column in a table containing only pictures)
failure modes for complex tables that aren't suited to sorting (e.g. columns with rowspans)
a way for the user to restore the table to its original state (unsort?)